About Ronin

Heritage: cherishing the past by integrating it into the future

With the inception of Ronin its founder, Harrald Peerebooms, integrates a rich and successful history into the future. Ronin is the rebirth and independent prodigy of the Knippenberg Group. This Belgian family group has a strong and long track record within all aspects of construction and real estate development.

Future perspective

With Ronin ,CEO and founder, Harrald Peerebooms anticipates on the changing market circumstances and the increasing demands of quality, regulations and sustainability within realty development. On the other hand its his way to execute his vision and impeccable expertise within the international real estate market. Ronin is not the end, it’s the start of a new chapter: it embodies all knowledge, network & competencies into a unique insight, vision and philosophy within the real estate market.

  1. Strategic
  2. Estate
  3. Advocacy

The equipe of Ronin consists out of multi-disciplinary experts whom have all built up their competencies, brick by brick, throughout their exquisite careers within the world of real estate development and construction.

All of Ronin’s activities are characterized by a high level of dedication and attention for detail. Ronin’s Kaizen mentality will leave no stone unturned.

Long term capital harvesting by the ethical development of outstanding realty projects.

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We’re open for exclusive projects. Contact us by using the contacform on our website or just give us a call. We promise to respond as soon as possible.

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